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Asset Risk Management

Dynamic Hedging 

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The goal of hedging is to ensure future profitability by reducing forward price risk, but doing so actually introduces new risk that needs to be managed over time. We utilize the deep derivatives experience of our team to bring comprehensive and dynamically managed solutions to our clients. Our philosophy is not to speculate or place "bets" on directional price risk. Instead we assist our customers in their efforts to create value and retaining the effectiveness of the hedges by using a range of financial instruments and strategies to meet specific objectives.

We are continually evaluating the marketplace for opportunities to reduce exposure to energy market risk, while optimizing assets to increase overall return. We work only with our clients' best interests in mind and operate as an extension of the in-house team to provide risk management services and trading capacity. Our team of professionals offers unparalleled experience across energy markets and an invaluable perspective from upstream, downstream and both sides of the trading desk. We’re very proud of our execution capabilities leveraging our size and frequency in the market.  We utilize our proprietary models to determine fair value and avoid hidden costs (maximizing client returns).

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